Fapas®,the proficiency testing arm of Fera, is marking three decades as a trusted global leader in proficiency testing with the introduction of a new testing programme. 

The new tests, which are now available to order, have been developed to meet requirements from testing laboratories, and reflect changes in food and beverage processing and consumer demand.  

A key development is increased support for laboratories that perform analysis of fruit juices by adding proficiency tests for mould, aerobic plate count (APC) and lactic acid bacteria in fruit juice, to its range.

Image from Fera-Science Limited

The seafood industry is also being supported in its efforts to increase safety for consumers with the introduction of a proficiency test for cadmium, lead and mercury in bivalve molluscs. Heavy metals may bio-accumulate in bivalve molluscs and exceed the maximum levels permitted by legislation. 

Additional new proficiency tests include tests for heavy metals in soya lecithin, mixed dry herbs and oat flour as well as aflatoxins in sesame paste (tahini) and peanut butter, in response to increased consumer demand for these products.

Fapas® proficiency tests provide laboratories with an independent assessment of their analysis of specific ingredients, foodstuffs and beverages.

More details can be found here: https://proficiencytesting.fapas.com/proficiency-testing/