Original Liqueurs – you can just drink them as they are or you can be as creative as Tiffinie Pride, director and chief experimenter of The Wiltshire Liqueur Company, and enjoy them in endless ways: cool and refreshing in cocktails, traditional with a twist in pudding recipes or exotic and dazzling in desserts.
Using unusual fruits such as blood oranges grown on the side of Sicily’s Mount Etna and wild strawberries from the south of France, the liqueurs are produced with less sugar than some traditional recipes meaning that the fruits are the dominant flavour of the liqueurs.
While the taste of each Original Liqueur is unquestionably the heart of their success, you first eat – or in this case drink – with your eyes. Meaning the stylish labels that the company uses on their products, definitely help selling bottle for bottle. “Our inspiration came from quintessentially English designer William Morris and the vibrant Czech art nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha.“
Tiffinie, who was working as a freelance marketing specialist before running her own liqueur business, knew of the potential of labels and launched immediately The Wiltshire Liqueur Co’s Bespoke Labelling Service, offering personalised bottles of their delicious liqueurs with a name or special message on the label, great for anniversaries or special occasions.

The Solution

At the London International Wine Fair and Distil 2012, Tiffinie got introduced to the LX-Series Color Label Printers of Primera Technology. The LX-Series includes several desktop label printers, which utilise the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant, colourful labels for products, boxes and packaging. Printed labels can include photos, graphics, illustrations and text – even high-resolution linear or two-dimensional bar codes. So when designing a label, really the sky is the limit. Included with every LX Color Label Printer are two label design software applications: Bartender UltraLite and NiceLabel SE Primera Edition. Those applications offer extra features such as modified templates, variable data and any barcode type. But any other preferred design program can be used to print labels directly from the application they were designed in. Tiffinie and her co-workers create each personalised label in Adobe Photoshop and then print them.

Another advantage of Primera’s label printers is that labels can be printed when and where they are needed in just the quantities that are required at the moment. So there are literally no minimum order requirements, no plate or die charges, no obsolete label inventory or long lead times.
85% of the Wiltshire Liqueur Co’s orders require a personalised label, which the company produces on their own with the LX900e Color Label Printer. LX900e incorporates an advanced inkjet technology. Called Primera Imaging Perfection this printing technology delivers razor-sharp text, graphics and the most photo-realistic printing possible. LX900e has individual inks for cyan, magenta, yellow and black, keeping operating costs low since only one colour at a time needs to be replaced.
“During the Christmas season – our busiest – we produce between 100 and 150 labels a day. And without the LX we would not be able to offer our personalised labelling service. We dispatch within 24 hours of accepting an order.” Tiffinie adds, “I love the fact that the labels never slip so you can set a large print run and leave it running. It is also fairly fast and always accurate.”