A machine available from food processing specialists Interfood Technology is offering extensive opportunities for new product development and is generating a great deal of interest from companies involved in a wide range of processing applications.

The ASP flattening machine is manufactured by German food machine engineers Alco and is available in the UK and Ireland exclusively from Interfood. As its name suggests, it is designed to flatten and roll-out all types of fresh and soft frozen products. On show at the recent IFFA 2019 exhibition, it features an upper and lower belt through which the product passes. Three pairs of rollers alternatively press and release the product to produce a standard and homogenous thickness. This helps to achieve excellent product consistency, with reduced cooking times and lower product loss during the cooking process, along with a bigger product surface area.

Offering continuous adjustment of production speed, the Alco ASP ensures perfect delivery of product through a swivelling discharge conveyor. The belt is prevented from slipping by rubberised drive rollers and the machine’s integral water spray system prevents build-up of protein on the belts. Ease of cleaning is provided through a belt unit which features a quick tensioning system.

Steve Naylor is Manager of Interfood’s Cooking & Cooling/Pasteurisation Division. He comments “The flattening machine is ideal for products such as chicken breast fillets, kebabs, roulades and schnitzels. It also offers significant potential for developing new products which require a consistent thickness and a larger surface. Flexibility is ensured through the inclusion of a handwheel to allow the roller height to be adjusted.”

Versatility is extended through the availability of various belt widths, from 250mm to 1,000mm, along with the opportunity to include a number of additional options and add-on equipment. The flexibility afforded by the numerous combination options is extended even further with the Interfood offer to work with processors to develop bespoke solutions if required. By combining the ASP flattener with other equipment from Alco’s extensive range, a complete linear solution can be provided.