The oval version of Just Egg Chilled Foods’ free-range poached egg is already proving to be a winner. Launched earlier this year, the egg took the award for  ‘Food Innovation of the Year’ at last week’s National Egg & Poultry Awards at London’s Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington.

The first British manufactured product of its kind, the new oval poached egg is made with free-range, British Lion eggs and prepared and packed to ensure optimum freshness and to preserve flavour, following the same remit as its round counterpart. 

Judges were bowled over by the consistent, high quality of the egg and the simplicity and ease of the level of preparation involved in presenting the product as part of a dish. Perfect for restaurants, hotels and all catering opportunities, the oval egg can be used to complement a varying selection of dishes.

Chief poultry adviser for the NFU, Gary Ford  joined host, England rugby legend, Ben Kay onstage to present the award to managing director of Just Egg, Pankaj Pancholi. Pankaj is delighted to receive such an esteemed accolade within such a short space of time since the product launch: “As with all our egg products, our major remit is to meet a high standard for quality and for taste. Our round egg is extremely popular in certain ‘food to go’ High Street outlets, where it has gained recognition as a breakfast and sandwich ingredient. 

“We want to achieve the same following for the oval shaped egg with caterers, chefs and restauranteurs; this award will certainly go some way to helping us to meet that goal.”

Launched two years ago, the round poached egg has generated keen interest, thanks to the superior quality of the product and its easy to peel, simple to remove packaging and fast preparation time. The oval egg is expected to attract its own individual trade funnel, with a specific appeal to those caterers who will use it as a key ingredient for starters, mains, and salads.

As the leading manufacturer of hard boiled eggs and egg mayonnaise, Just Egg supplies to the UK’s leading supermarkets and retailers. The company has an unrivalled record for quality and currently offers a bespoke product service to include customer specified recipes, packaging and labelling which are produced to the highest standard.

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