Loading bay solutions supplier Easilift Loading Systems has joined forces with one of the world’s leading access management system manufacturers to devise an innovative solution to the problem of drive-away accidents.

Called the Anti-Drive-Off – Loading Bay Management System, the solution synchronises Easilift’s dock door and associated control equipment with an electronic key control system manufactured by Traka.

It works from the moment a vehicle arrives on site. The driver is assigned a specific loading bay, parks up and goes to the transport office, where he or she hands over the vehicle keys.

These are attached to a Traka iFob, which corresponds to the dock number and is a bullet-shaped key containing a unique electronic chip. It is inserted into a Traka key cabinet by the transport manager and a related iFob is removed and handed to the driver as a receipt.

It is only when this second iFob is removed that the doors to the dock can be opened. The cabinet sends a message to the dock door controller which illuminates a green LED light, showing that the door is ‘live’.

Loading or unloading can now take place safely because without the keys the driver cannot move their vehicle. Eventually, when loading or unloading is complete, the door is closed, sending a signal to the control panel in the transport office.

The driver’s iFob is inserted into the cabinet, the iFob attached to the ignition keys is removed and unclipped and the keys are handed back to the driver, who can leave.

This cost-effective system, which can be retro-fitted to current installations, will potentially save lives because not only are drivers prevented from moving their vehicles, the iFob system means that dock doors can only be opened by qualified staff.

The electronic chip also records loading bay activity, providing companies with an audit trail.

Other existing vehicle drive-away prevention systems are available, but Easilift sales director David Whyatt believes the Anti-Drive-Off – Loading Bay Management System is the best there is.

He said: “As a leading specialist supplier of total loading bay solutions, we were determined to find a practical and cost-effective answer to this on-going problem.

“We are therefore proud to have worked together with Traka to develop what we believe is now the most technically advanced anti drive-off system on the market.”

An animated presentation of the system in operation is available to view at www.easilift.co.uk/intelligentaccessmanagement.

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