A Scottish producer of pork products is demonstrating how a combination of traditional values with the latest in processing technology is proving a recipe for success.

Robertson’s Fine Foods is based in Ayrshire and has been producing high quality Scottish pork and bacon since 1870. The company prides itself on a family heritage which stretches back through five generations and supplies fully traceable pork and bacon to Scotland’s independent retail sector, including butchers, delicatessens, restaurants and hotels.  They have recently undertaken substantial expansion plans to facilitate a positive growth strategy which involves entering into new markets for the company. 

The company offers an extensive range produced from pigs born and reared in Scotland – from prime cuts to manufactured, sliced and cooked pork products – via its original slaughtering facility in Ardrossan on the west coast and its new state of the art processing facility in nearby Irvine. Iain Robertson, company Chairman, recognises the importance of combining the finest pigs with the best in processing technology. Interfood Technology has worked closely with Robertson’s over several years, supplying a wide range of equipment including a Schröder injector, Henneken brine mixer and tumbler, K&G Wetter mixer/mincer and bowl cutter, and a Maurer Atmos smoker and oven. Iain Robertson, Company Chairman comments – “With our ambition to increase retail capacity the demands on our business for maximum efficiency are greater than ever.  We produce a wide range from raw to cooked product and with this comes different challenges in driving efficiency.  Interfood’s extensive product range, coupled with their high levels of customer support and broad knowledge base, go a long way to catering for all our needs”.

Brian Teece is Interfood’s Regional Manager for Scotland. He has extensive experience in technical machinery for the food and drinks industry which is backed by Interfood’s dedicated Divisional Managers (some seven Divisions, from Butchery through to Packing Solutions).  He comments – “Quality equipment 

is obviously an important consideration but it is vital that this is supported through knowledge and a dedication to ensuring that the solution is tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Once installed and commissioned by specialists with a real understanding of the equipment, comprehensive operator training helps to optimise product quality and productivity, with ongoing support ensuring that this performance is maintained.”