A leading producer of Cranberries contacted Rulmeca to test and review a possible application for the use of motorised drums in their ceiling-mounted conveyors handling this deep-red fruit.

The current handling system included the use of elevated and overhead conveyors. There was a concern to eliminate any possible risk of an oil leak from an exposed overhead drive that could risk contaminating the product below. Being difficult to reach, there was also the question of difficulties of maintenance and wash down capabilities.
The Rulmeca Drum Motor TM 138LS in stainless steel with its IP69 rated sealing system was the perfect solution for this application, mitigating any risk of oil leaking. A conventional geared motor could further contaminate the products on the conveyor belt

This drum motor housing a helical gearbox is a very flexible component thanks to the wide range of powers and speeds. It is an ideal power packed drive for high duty conveyors with the capability of reversible operation.

The lower weight compared to geared motors and the centred mass of drum motors simplifies the design of self-supporting conveyor technology. The high pressure wash-down capabilities of the Rulmeca 138LS with IP69 sealing is ideal for dissolving caking caused by the dried cranberries.

In addition, to the possibility of high-pressure cleaning Rulmeca was awarded the contract to manufacture this custom Drum Motor in full Stainless Steel with IP69 rated seals and White Lagging. This was completed and easily installed into the conveyor frame and continues to provide remarkably low noise, trouble free, hygienic conveyance and requiring virtually no maintenance.

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