With hundreds of different types of beer, cider, wines and spirits, Wine Rack is one of the best stocked stores in the south of England.

Whether you are looking for an exotic type of beer, a hard-to-find Merlot, or an exceptionally special dessert liquor, chances are they have it in stock!

With 20 wine stores, situated primarily within the Home Counties, but also as far north as Henley-on-Thames and over into Bristol, Wine Rack strives to provide an extremely user friendly resource, even allowing customers to try wines for FREE at the weekend (Friday 4pm-7pm or Saturday 2pm-7pm) – and it’s not a sales pitch, the company really is proud of its selection, which has been put together from leading vineyards from all over the world.

The highly knowledgeable team within Wine Rack stores are there not only to share their experience with wine, but to also share their love of wine and other high quality beverages. They’re there to assist you in your search for the perfect vintage, spirit or beer. Only at Wine Rack will you find discount prices paired with expert service and advice.

Wine Rack is a ‘full service’ store. Its staff have been chosen for their knowledgeable background in wine, spirits, beers and friendliness. The company is proud to say that there are no ‘wine snobs’ working in its stores. Nevertheless, from special events to the one bottle of wine for that special occasion, Wine Rack has it all.

Indeed, Wine Rack takes pride in the fact that customer service is its number one priority. While the company has invested substantial resources in bringing you the finest wines from around the world, it realises that its primary assets are not in its stores, but in customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is its passion for wine that is the impetus for its desire to go beyond the normal merchant-customer acquaintance, instead preferring to develop long-term relationships with its customers.

Moreover, whether it’s something worth celebrating, or just the ‘low down’ on a great new product, Wine Rack’s informative website – www.winerack.co.uk – will tell everything you need to know about what’s happening at your nearest store. It will bring you info on the tasting wines available to try in every store, as well as one off specials in individual branches. At Wine Rack they regularly change their offers, so there is always something new.


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