2018 looks set to be an interesting year for the food, drink, and ingredients industry with shifting consumer needs, regulatory changes, and fewer resources all coming into play. In response, the industry is doing what it does best—innovating.


Think technological solutions for our stretched global food supply. Multisensory food and drink that uses texture to create sharable consumer experiences. Or food-safety strategies for ‘clean-label’ snacks. No matter how a company decides to innovate, one thing is clear: recruiting the best talent can be the difference between falling behind and staying ahead.


In today’s candidate-driven market, recruiting the best takes innovation of its own. Imagine you’re in need of a dynamic product developer who has experience in everything from recipe development to processing and production, and who has a sharp command of consumer trends. Where do you start? And how do you go about enticing a qualified candidate who is happily employed in another country?


Recruitment thrives when you adopt a fresh approach to both technology and people. There’s a skills shortage and your ideal candidate could be anywhere. In a market in which qualified candidates are in short supply, reaching talent quickly is imperative. You need to use cutting-edge tools to find them and the timeless art of conversation to attract them.


Grapefrute is a one-stop shop for international sourcing and recruitment in the food, beverages, and ingredients industry. With over 13 years of international experience, language is no barrier: we operate worldwide and know it takes more than a network to find the right talent.


Thanks to innovative search techniques, we can deliver more candidates in minimal sourcing time. But all the technological tools in our stable wouldn’t mean much without our in-depth market knowledge. If you’re going to attract the best talent, especially someone who’s already employed, you need to love what they love—whether that’s frozen foods, natural extracts, or synthetic emulsifiers.


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