Corbion, a world leader in bio-based food ingredients, has further expanded its market-leading Verdad® portfolio, with the introduction of Verdad® Ovvio 410. The new ingredient is a clean label solution for preserving dips, spreads and deli-style salads. A natural alternative to artificial ingredients like sorbates and benzoates, this pioneering solution will enable manufacturers to create flavorful deli products, which stay retain their freshness throughout a longer shelf life while meet also growing demand for clean and clear labels.


Produced through the fermentation of cane sugar combined with specialty vinegar, Verdad Ovvio 410 is a natural solution used to control microbial spoilage in chilled salads, maintaining quality and flavor. It is suited to a wide range of chilled applications from potato salad and coleslaw to refrigerated sauces and dips. In addition to boosting food safety, the ingredient also enhances savory notes, such as tomato, spices and herbs, while ensuring end products maintain a fresh taste.


Derived from natural source, Verdad Ovvio 410 is a clean label alternative to traditional artificial additives, such as sorbate and benzoates, providing equivalent or better preservative qualities. The ingredient is non-genetically modified as well as allergen and gluten-free, enabling manufacturers to meet the demand for healthy and less processed foods.


Ruud Peerbooms, senior vice president food at Corbion, said: “Over the past couple of years, there has been an increasing appetite for chilled foods that are healthy, yet tasty. By combining our expertise in natural food ingredient solutions and leading natural preservation technologies, we have created Verdad Ovvio 410, enabling manufacturers to fulfil the requirements for clean label deli salads, which remain fresh for as long as possible. Our experienced team can work with you to overcome any complex application challenges you may face, and ensure your chilled foods meet the current and future demands of the industry.”


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