First-time exhibitors at FoodEx, Hydratech will be highlighting the importance of heat transfer fluids and cooling-fluid maintenance in maximising process cooling efficiency.

Since ‘98 Hydratech have manufactured a range of specialist fluids and inhibitors for use in food and beverage cooling systems. By placing great emphasis on a consultative approach to coolant selection, backed-up with 24-7 technical support, Hydratech have developed an envious reputation across the cooling-fluids industry.

A long-term commitment to R&D has resulted in several key advances in coolant technology, which will be highlighted at FoodEx. CoolFlow DTX continues to prove that disruptive technology need not be the sole domain of the electronics or computer sectors. Since launch in 2010, CoolFlow DTX has steadily increased market-share as a more efficient alternative to Propylene Glycol based coolants. Energy savings associated to improvements in CoP were measured at 17% by Arla (Oakthorpe Dairy) and calculated at >10% by Star Technical Services.

Process cooling systems designed around CoolFlow DTX – instead of PG – require smaller components. E.g. compressors, evaporators, heat exchangers, pumps and pipe-work. For detailed performance analysis and due diligence data on CoolFlow DTX, Hydratech have produced the DTX Dossier which will be available on their stand.

Hydratech also blend a range of secondary refrigerants based on PG and Potassium Formate brines. CoolFlow NTP, CoolFlow USP and CoolFlow LVF are supplied in large volumes to a wide range of customers operating in the food and beverage sectors.

To ensure long-term efficiency and minimise down-time, all CoolFlow products are formulated with high-performance corrosion, scale and biological inhibitors. As with all working-fluids it is important to periodically review their condition, through chemical and physical analysis. Hydratech operates the Fluid Monitoring Program for just this purpose, plus a range of Fluid Management Services.

For more information please visit Hydratech on Stand Z269.

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