Totally Wild unveils its unique, Organic Aloe 247 Juice and Gel to the UK market for the first time, from South Africa. Organic Aloe 247 Juice is stocked in the national premium supermarket, Waitrose, and is available online from

Accredited “Organic” by EcoCert and the Soil Association, Aloe 247 is made using South Africa’s ‘miracle plant’ Aloe Ferox, which is wild grown and wild harvested. The new products are made from the purest form of Aloe – unfiltered and pulped, meaning it is full of nutrients beneficial to the body, inside and out. Naturally rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, dietary fibre and its own active healing ingredient, glyconutrients – found in the Aloe Ferox plant – the Juice and Gel offer many health benefits for all users.

The Organic Aloe 247 Juice is used to sooth the digestive tract with its syrupy, ‘bitty’ texture, enabling the body to ingest all its goodness, providing health benefit from the inside out. It is recommended to have 30-50ml twice a day, to help tackle an array of digestive tract ailments such as indigestion, heart burn, stomach ulcers, IBS, diverticulitis, colitis and even infant colic. The organic juice can also help heal from within notably helping those with shingles and eczema.

Organic Aloe 247 Juice is unrivalled because it has a neutral, palatable taste. Consisting of only 30% pulp, 69.6% Juice and citric regulator. Naturally rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and dietary fibre to soothe the digestive tract. 30ml twice daily as a natural immune-booster or consumed throughout the day. Additional flavours coming soon include: Organic Cinnamon & Honey and Organic Lemon, Ginger & Honey – both retaining the Organic certification. These two exciting new flavours add a distinctive, beneficial alternative to the original Aloe 247 Juice and contain no preservatives, thickeners or sugar.

During 2017, Totally Wild is exhibiting at the Pharmacy Show and have been accepted to exhibit with the prestigious Organic Only section at NOPE show. For more information about Totally Wild and its organic products, please visit: