A recent survey by RSM UK found that a third of middle-market businesses have down-tooled on selected product lines, while a fifth had exited entire lines of business altogether. Companies reported that recent output had been scaled back due to declining intakes of new work and disruption caused by stretched supply chains and material shortages.

Obso Global (Obso) a leading supplier of both active and obsolete industrial automation parts, offers a dedicated service to help manufacturers from across the UK and world-wide beat lead times.

It’s no secret that the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic kickstarted manufacturing and supply chain issues back in 2020, causing a huge impact across the electronics and automation supply chain in particular. A problem which was escalated for UK manufacturers by the impact of Brexit and then the current logistical and economic difficulties caused by the war in Ukraine.

Long lead times prove to be a huge challenge for businesses attempting to source genuine parts for equipment and machinery, which is why Obso provide a range of benefits that often ensure accurate, reliable and faster lead times.

Partnering with Obso can ensure access to expert advice and a wide range of new, active and obsolete industrial automation spares thanks to its connections with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and a global maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supply chain. 

With over 800 parts stocked at Obso’s own UK and Netherlands depos, many parts can be shipped out next-day or even same-day with the supplier’s dedicated couriers.

Longer lead times effect upgrades, which in turn makes obsolete spares even harder to get hold of. Obso offer a repairs/reconditioning programme, part replacement and service-exchanged parts to support maintenance operations. Repairing wherever possible by partnering with a supplier like Obso can get stock back into the market, and therefore back to manufacturers sooner.

Andrea Ducker, Sales and Operations Director at Obso Global, comments: “We know that our stockists have spares ready and waiting to go out, meaning we can actually get inventory to our customers faster than even the OEM can.

“Most of the items we secure can be shipped worldwide for free, and while we tend to quote for 7-10 days lead time as standard, the majority of the time we can expedite our shipment so we’re providing better lead times than what we actually quoted for.”

For further information on how Obso can assist with your lead time management, call 0800 36 888 17 to speak with an experienced Obso advisor, or simply visit https://obsoglobal.com/uk. To download a free copy of Obso’s five-point plan for managing lead times, please visit https://obsoglobal.com/uk/sourcing-automation-parts-made-easy.