Award-winning gourmet yoghurt brand, The Collective Dairy, has launched its ‘Tub4Grub’ initiative to help consumers ‘share some good’ within their local communities and on a wider, global scale.

Three million of the brand’s iconic yoghurt tubs now bear a unique and innovative ‘peel back’ label that reveals a blank gifting label underneath. The ‘Tub4Grub’ campaign allows consumers, once they have enjoyed their yoghurt, to re-use and personalise the tub, fill with snacks and share with someone locally who is in need of a treat.

The new initiative, which launched in November this year and ends in mid-February 2017, will also see The Collective donate a minimum of £10,000 to humanitarian organisation, Action Against Hunger, through sales of its ‘Tub4Grub’ tubs. In addition to this, The Collective will also donate a further 50p to the charity every time someone passes on a tub and shares their good deed on social media using the hashtag #tub4grub or via the campaign website:

Through the money raised for this campaign, The Collective could provide up to 20,000 day’s worth of therapeutic food to save the lives of malnourished children across the world, not to mention raising smiles and spirits nationwide within smaller communities.