Sipsmith Distillery is a small, independent business that, using the first copper still to launch in London for almost 200 years, crafts truly artisanal gins and vodkas of uncompromising quality.

The distillery’s first still, Prudence, originally used electricity to power elements in the steam jacket surrounding it. But, as Sipsmith’s export market grew and production increased, the founders realised additional stills were required to meet demand. The company’s second still, named Patience, is another 300 litre still that also used electric elements to heat the steam jacket. But it wasn’t until a third and larger still – the 1,500 litre Constance – was required that the company decided to switch from an electrically-heated process to one using a steam boiler.

Many craft breweries and distilleries start using electric but, as they reach the right size and output, quickly move to steam-based systems such as those from Fulton.

Commenting for Fulton, Doug Howarth says: “We visited Sipsmith when they were using electrically-powered stills but wanted to install a gas-fired steam boiler for their new, larger premises. We discussed the specifications and options with them and an order was subsequently placed for a Fulton 20J vertical boiler and associated ancillaries. We continued to provide assistance and technical support throughout the installation and during commissioning.”

Explaining the reasons for specifying Fulton, Felix James, Head of Operations at Sipsmith says: “Fulton are well respected and, being a UK manufacturer, are very easy to deal with. We have a service contract with Fulton, which visits the site every three months to conduct its own analysis and check the condition of the boiler system. This proved invaluable on one occasion when, between Fulton visits, we had dosed too much chemical into the feed water tank. However, Fulton was on hand, its technician was very helpful and offered the correct procedure for a solution.”

An additional benefit for the distillery is that all condensate from the boiler’s steam raising process is returned to the feed tank to reduce energy and further improve the system’s efficiency.
Tel: 0117 972 3322

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