Launched in January 2017, the new 12 Litre Bucket is a welcome update to Vikan’s award-winning bucket range, and includes a number of features to improve hygiene and usability, and simplify storage and handling.

The Vikan 12L bucket at a glance:
• Stackable design saves storage space
• Snap-on lid improves security and safety
• Easy-to-read measures include litre, UK and US gallon marks Sloped design makes stirring, mixing and emptying faster
• Drainage hole prevents water accumulation during storage
• Available in 9 colours for hygienic colour coding

Debra Smith, Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist, says:
“Buckets are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment when it comes to ingredients handling and cleaning in the food and beverage industry. With the redesign of our 12 Litre Bucket, industry professionals can now choose from a range of bucket sizes that all feature smart design solutions to improve hygiene, safety and usability. The new buckets also combine perfectly with our bowl and hand scoops to make measuring and handling easier.”

The new 12 Litre Bucket is made from premium quality and highly durable materials, and is compliant with all relevant EU and FDA regulations. It is available in 9 colours: pink, green, blue, red, white, yellow, orange, purple and black.

For more information on the Vikan Bucket Family, please contact Vikan Customer Service on 01793 71 6760 or [email protected]. Or visit our bucket website on

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