Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd has recently introduced a totally electronic max/min thermometer housed in a black ABS traditionally shaped max/min enclosure 20 x 66 x 212 mm.

Both professional and amateur gardeners will find this electronic max/min thermometer invaluable in greenhouses and the garden, especially for checking minimum temperatures during the cold months when frost can be a problem and to check the maximum temperature during the daytime. In addition these max/min thermometers can be used in weather stations, cold storage rooms, construction, industry, or anywhere the recording of minimum and maximum temperatures is necessary.

The electronic max/min thermometer displays the actual temperature in an easy to read bar graph format, whilst simultaneously displaying digitally the maximum and minimum temperatures over the range of -10 to 50 °C or -23 to 122 °F with a 0.1 °C/°F resolution. The thermometers are incredibly accurate, and incorporate a simple reset button for maximum and minimum temperatures and a key hole slot to enable the unit to be hung on a wall. To obtain accurate readings the thermometer should not be positioned directly in the sun.

The electronic max/min thermometers offer an economically priced, environmentally friendly alternative at £12 each plus VAT, to the now banned mercury in glass max/min thermometers. These thermometers are available from leading garden centres or they can be bought on line at www.etiltd.com ordering code 810-105.

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