Brands and retailers can now benefit from enhanced vacuum skin pack (VSP) presentation thanks to the newly launched LINtop® PE HB SKIN film range from fresh food packaging manufacturer, LINPAC.

LINPAC has designed the latest generation of high-barrier PE vacuum skin top films to enhance the performance and shelf-appeal of its Rfresh® Evolve rPET trays, resulting in the addition of an outstanding complete pack solution to its existing portfolio.

Retailers can expect greater on-shelf appeal due to the highly transparent, matt finish of the LINtop SKIN fully co-extruded top web, which delivers a secure seal when sealed at low temperatures and efficient ‘easy-peel’ opening for consumer convenience.

The complete VSP solution optimises the presentation of processed and red meats and fish due to reduced pack volume, the option to display the pack vertically without cabinet adjustment and less food wastage due to longer shelf life performance.

Clear, white and black tray options are available for low profile and high protrusion applications. Notably, the pack delivers improved flat-pack appearance with less tray distortion thanks to its production at lower seal temperatures.

The LINtop PE HB SKIN film range is produced in Pontivy, France, for use with LINPAC EPS, PP and rPET trays.

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