We all want longer shelf life, tastier results, smarter packaging and better products and extending shelf life offers huge potential. No matter if the solution is MAP packaging, designer materials or temperature control, the root problem is always the same – the (vapour) permeability of the container or packaging. If you want to optimise this, the answer is Versaperm.

Versaperm’s new VI vapour permeability meters can show you just how well new or existing packaging, and the materials they are made from, are performing for you. This makes it far easier to choose materials that are right for your, individual, product.

The equipment is very accurate and easy to use, it can measure the vapour permeability of both the materials and the finished, packaged, product. These are virtually never the same and are not usually even close. It can measure permeability with respect to almost any gas including water vapour, oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2. Getting it right dramatically extends the food’s shelf life and boosts its freshness. Getting it wrong can do exactly the opposite.

As well as the Versaperm VI meter the company offers a permeability testing service – usually with a 24 hour turn around.

Tel: 01628 777668

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