Aronia Melanocarpa is very popular these days because of its high levels of antioxidants – one of the highest of red and blue berries. That’s why they are said to protect the body in various ways. Thus, they become very interesting for consumers who struggle with a busy lifestyle on one hand and meeting healthy nutritional requirements on the other.

To offer its customers and consumers concepts that exactly fulfill these needs, Symrise has developed two product variants with Aronia melanocarpa extract. Actiplants® Aronia is a pure botanical extract, containing a large amount of anthocyanins. Their beneficial effects have been widely described in the scientific literature. Actiplants® Immune Aronia offers additional value by combining Actiplants® Aronia with vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin proven by the EFSA to support the immune system.

Kaden Biochemicals, a member of the Symrise Group, processes cultivated aronia berries at its plant in Hamburg, Germany. The final product is standardized to a minimum content of 15% anthocyanidins with an ORAChydro value of 7.300 ?mol (TE/g). Furthermore, the production site in Hamburg has recently been inspected by the FDA and is now recognized as a dietary supplement ingredient supplier.

“With our technical knowledge and experience we offer reliably standardized botanical products,” says Dr. Sonja Frank, Manager Scientific Marketing Consumer Health at Symrise. “Thus, we meet the demands of our customers and consumers for products with added health value. Further, we are constantly searching for new additions to our Actiplants® range. This will help to broaden our position as a producer of functional ingredients.”

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