Stock Polska extended its top premium product range with the introduction of Amundsen Expedition, created to honour one of the greatest expeditions of the 20th century that saw a team of explorers reach the South Pole in 1911.

For this exciting project, Stock Polska once more relied upon the huge expertise of the Stölzle Glass Group in order to manufacture a stylish vodka bottle. The result is a unique light blue bottle, which has been manufactured from feeder coloured glass. It features a stunning mould embossment all over the body, aimed to resemble ice bricks. Additional embossing on the front and left side of the bottle is a reminder of the date of the historical expedition to the South Pole and its exact geographical position. It was an exciting challenge to Stolzle Czestochowa, the Polish production site of the Glass Group, to prove its technical expertise in glass production, mainly in the field of mould maintenance, which was continuously required in order to ensure such a perfect bottle shape.

Stölzle Glass Group is a specialist in producing high-end glass containers for its Prestige Spirits and Perfumery & Cosmetics divisions. Headquarters located in Austria, the Group consists of six European production plants and three in-house decoration sites.

Stölzle has great expertise in both custom design and standard glass containers. Our Innovation Team, which also consists of designers, work closely with our clients, taking their beautiful concepts and producing outstanding products. An exclusive touch of luxury can be added to all products in decoration. Latest innovations include printing with special effect inks, metallisation, laser cutting, embossed lettering, and accessory application.

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