Secret Ingredients from Orchard Valley Foods brings a range of innovative high quality decorations and inclusions for cakes, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, ice creams and frozen desserts to small to medium sized end users.

Orchard Valley Foods is already well established in the supply of confections to larger food manufacturers, with the Secret Ingredients brand set up to provide a selection of best sellers, old favourites and novel sprinkles in 1 litre and 2.5 litre tubs. These sizes are ideal for: small catering companies; tea rooms; individual and small chains of bakeries; ice cream makers, and the myriad of sugar craft and cupcake businesses which continue to prosper and increase in number. Lines such as Five-Colour Star Mix, Lemon Yellow Crunch, Bronze Pearls and Mini Chocolate Beans all feature in the Secret Ingredients portfolio. National Account Manager John Young commented, “Secret Ingredients is that bit different from what else is out there, both in the fact that the tub size is just right for smaller businesses and additionally that the mainstream lines are complemented by confections that simply aren’t available elsewhere. End users can really enhance and upgrade their cakes, brownies or hot beverages by using Secret Ingredients.”

Brand consultancy Reach researched cake trends amongst consumers and found that a “homemade feel” to cakes is important; hence hand finishing with suitable caramel pieces, sprinkles, pearls, strands etc is creating the pull which sees the growth in listings of the Secret Ingredients tubs in the wholesale sector.

And it’s not just about adding a finishing touch for baked goods sold commercially: in a nation which does seem to want its cake and eat it, home baking grew c.9% in 2010 taking sales to £576 million. For the individual home user looking to buy smaller volumes than the standard sizes offered by Secret Ingredients, pot sizes of around 250g are an obvious next step for Orchard Valley Foods. These are ideally suited for the home baking sections in department stores, specialist retailers or larger garden centres.

Taking this size of pot and adding a sprinkle lid gives the Secret Ingredients range another use – in Quick Service Restaurants, where either the server, or indeed the diners can add their own creative, colourful, and flavourful toppings and crunches to ice creams and desserts.

Orchard Valley Foods Managing Director Mike Forrester anticipates all sizes of end users, from home bakers to small scale independent food manufacturers through to industrial scale food producers can benefit from the unparalleled choice of confections, and outstanding service for which OVF has gained a strong reputation in the food industry. “Secret Ingredients covers everything from a 2.5kg tub of Pink and White Shimmer Pearls through to a 1kg tub of Chocolate Coated Toffee Crunch. Scaling upwards we have many customers who buy 100kg and tonne lots from our confections range. At the other end of the scale, we have expanded our manufacturing and packing operation so that we can give yet more options for smaller packs, right down to sachets holding just a few grammes.”

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