The ability to upgrade its existing Proseal GT2 tray sealer has enabled leading strawberry grower Busby Partners to increase packing speeds by nearly 30%, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new machine.

Busby Partners’ success has seen volumes increase by 40% since the company first installed its Proseal tray sealer, meaning that the machine’s top speed of around 90 packs per minute was unable to cope with the greater throughput.

Busby Partners initially approached Proseal to enquire about buying a new machine but instead Proseal suggested the retrofitting to the existing model of its Pro-Motion technology, which is available on all GT platform tray sealers.

Pro-Motion uses following motion and intelligent buffering technology to enable trays to feed continuously into the sealer without stopping, delivering a 30% increase in production throughput. At Busby Partners, this means its GT2 is now averaging 116 packs per minute, greatly speeding up the entire packing operation.

“It was very refreshing that, instead of agreeing to sell us another machine, the company instead pointed out how we could improve the performance of our existing tray sealer”, comments,” explains Phillip Busby of Busby Partners. “This has not only saved us a significant amount of money, it has also eliminated the need to try to fit a second machine into our pack house.”

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