Leading German gingerbread manufacturer Frank Lebkuchen GmbH has enhanced its already strict quality control procedures with the installation of an Ishida IX-GA-2475 X-ray machine.

The new inspection system is in operation at the end of the company’s most important production line, checking its standard mixed gingerbread pack with a fill weight of 200 grams. The foil-wrapped cardboard trays each contain seven pieces of a mix of the three different gingerbread types.

The gingerbread pieces sit upright in the packs and, due to their different thicknesses, place high demands on the X-ray inspection system. Nevertheless the Ishida X-ray has been able to be calibrated perfectly for its intended use. The IX-GA-2475 reaches belt speeds of up to 90 metres per minute and detects foreign bodies with a diameter of only 0.5 mm.

Ishida’s patented X-ray technology is based on software featuring an intelligent genetic algorithm. By analysing image data over a number of generations, the machine achieves an extremely high level of inspection accuracy.

The easy-to-use IX-GA-2475 features an automatic set-up function and is ready to use within 90 seconds, while up to 100 pre-sets facilitate the frequent changes of product.
Frank Lebkuchen turned to Ishida “because the company is the leader in X-ray inspection technology,” says Helmut Frank, the company’s managing director.

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