Makro Labelling Srl of Mantova, Italy have now had their highly successful multiple format handling changeparts concept ‘Magic Star’ Patented worldwide (International Patent No WO 2011/048508 A1).

The totally new innovative design that is a standard feature on all Makro Labelling machines, offers huge savings when purchasing a Makro Labeller compared to other machines on the market. The Makro Labelling Magic Star changeparts are capable of handling up to four different container formats on a single set of in feed/out feed starwheels and the labelling machine is capable to be re-phased to adjust the timing to use each of the different format pockets to run each different product.

Richard Portman, Managing Director of Makro Labelling UK Ltd said, “We are delighted to have received the formal worldwide Patent. When Makro Labelling was established two and a half years ago our design team wanted to create labelling machines, which had real cost saving benefits. Here the cost savings are in the reduced number of change parts that the bottler needs, and by not having to change the Magic Star so often there is a huge saving on downtime on the line. As time is money for brand owners and contract packers alike, these savings create one of the quickest ROI’s for any machine in the industry today.”

The reduced number of change parts required by the Magic Star concept saves on valuable floor space during production and fewer changeovers increases the life of the change parts as they are being handled less by operatives therefore reducing potential damage issues.

A video demonstrating the concept of the patented ‘Magic Star’ changeparts concept is available for viewing on the Makro Labelling website:

For further information on how the Makro patented Magic Star changeparts concept can save you time and money contact:

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