Innovia Films is expanding its portfolio of peelable Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films – Propafilm™ RCP is now available in 52 and 60 microns. This significantly proven, easy-to-open, food packaging film range now includes heavy duty, high barrier and snap wrap options. The main benefit of using Propafilm™ RCP is that its seals are easy to open. Consumers of all ages and abilities can simply peel open the seals to reveal the product inside. Whether they are young, an older adult or have physical limitations, no excessive force is required. No need either for scissors, sharp implements or the risk of serious injuries. Gone are the frustrations of so-called ‘wrap rage’ when you just can’t get into the pack!

The seal strength is consistent every time and the film can be used on existing packaging machines without any adjustments required. Propafilm™ RCP provides reliable clean and neat opening, without destroying the pack. The acrylic coating ensures a broad sealing range, which enables a wide packaging operating window and good machinability in all standard packaging formats. Their moisture and aroma barrier properties make them an ideal choice to preserve many food items, including dried and chocolate based products.

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