To increase efficiencies, reduce labour costs and ensure faster product changeover, Paramount Packaging has recently installed two additional Fuji Alpha VII box motion flow-wrapping systems at long-standing customer, The Village Bakery in Wrexham. The purpose-built horizontal form-fill-seal lines, which feature extra-long infeeds for use with robot handling technology, are being used for the high-speed wrapping of pancakes and blinis.

“We are a long-standing user of Fuji flow-wrappers with five systems already installed across all four production facilities for general bakery products and crumpets,” comments Christien Jones, Director at The Village Bakery.

“The first wrapper installed was fully operational 40 minutes after being unloaded and ran for a complete shift with no issues. The machines are easy to use with quick product changeover, reliable, and consistently perform.”

The two latest Fuji Alpha VII long dwell flow-wrappers have been customised to accept robot placed stacks of various sizes of pancakes and blinis and wrap the products with or without flat base or U cards.  The system ensures maximum throughput efficiencies with minimum labour requirements.

Christien concludes: “The new flow-wrapping lines have helped increase the efficiency of our handling and packaging process with quicker and more accurate product changeover. They have also improved the overall pack quality which has helped reduce product damage and waste.”

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