Automation is an important focus for the food industry as companies look to reduce operating costs and improve hygiene by limiting the need for human handling of foodstuffs.

The degree of automation in end-of-line packaging is undoubtedly increasing. One of the main drivers for this is cost as machines have the capability to combine a number of different functions that could well involve several people if the operation was being done manually. There is also the precision and consistency that automation offers, as well as the potential to provide a more controlled environment – an important factor as food hygiene and traceability become ever more critical.

When looking to invest in machinery to help automate the packaging process, one of the first things to do is check that it meets the specific requirements of the retailers that you are supplying now or in the future. Protection of the consumer from potential product contamination is key for all those involved in the food supply chain.

Machines that combine X-Ray or metal detection, with integrated checkweighing, are therefore becoming an increasingly common feature in end-of-line packaging operations.
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