Leading meat processor Mischau GmbH & Co.KG of Spandau, Germany is using CSB-System’s advanced software to provide essential quality control, food safety and traceability across its wide range of products, supplied to retailers and caterers throughout Germany and many other parts of Europe.

End-to-end processing and documentation of all relevant data in CSB-System’s industry-specific software ensures seamless traceability for the approximately 225 tons of meat and sausage produced by Mischau every month.

Every stage of production can be traced and accounted for, from the procurement of raw materials to processing and customer dispatch. Thanks to precise documentation, Mischau can quickly find out which goods were delivered to which customer.

Food safety management is further enhanced by the CSB-System nutritional value calculation and identification modules and operators are always aware of whether processed raw materials include allergens.

The CSB-System also enables electronic order processing via EDI, which is increasingly being required by caterers and hospitals as well as retailers.

“In terms of technology, we are well prepared for the future with this industry-specific software,” comments joint managing director Richard Mischau. “It helped us manoeuvre our business safely and with foresight past all challenges presented by the industry.”


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