G’Vine, gin de France, the only gin in the world made from grapes and vine flowers, launches a limited edition recipe and bottle in celebration of the third year of partnership between the ultra-premium gin and their Spanish ambassador, international actor Jaime Lorente.

For the first time since it’s inception in 2006 G’Vine has relased both a new recipe and bottle design resulting from the partnership between Jaime Lorente and Jean-Sébastien Robicquet; G’Vine creator, master distiller and owner of independent French distillery Maison Villevert. The G’Vine Jaime Lorente Limited Edition release marks the launch of the ’El Vividor’ (good living) campaign; a campaign that launches this Spring to pay tribute to those who know how enjoy life to the full. This campaign is the Spanish regional arm of the international G’Vine campaign ‘Gin Your Way’ launched in 2022.

Since working together Robicquet and Lorente found great synergy in their personalities, sharing passion for life and the importance of exploring creativity. These notions of being daring and the enthusiasm for the art of living are integral themes for G’Vine so they decided to let their imaginations run wild and design a new edition of their gin.

To develop the gin, Lorente travelled to France where together with Robicquet, using Robicquet’s exceptional nose and palate, they developed a new recipe inspired by Lorente’s roots using ingredients that echo his childhood and a design that reflects his elegant and rebellious personality. The resulting gin combines the fresh and smooth finish of G’Vine and its spicy bouquet with rising notes of bell pepper, citrus and notes of raspberry with respective influences coming together in a harmonious roundness awakened by a final note of pepper.

The synonymous green G’Vine bottle has also welcomed the Lorente flourish; a sweeping orange illuminates the base reflecting the vibrancy of his person- ality, elegant and rebellious, and his passion for the theme ‘El Vividor’ (the good living) which pays tribute to those who know how enjoy life to the full.