Miko, one of the world’s oldest coffee roasters has launched Freehand, a new seasonal range of espresso and filter single-estate coffees sourced from three continents and hand roasted at the company’s in-house UK roastery.

From South America, comes a medium-bodied espresso with sweet, fruity acidity and a beautiful honey sweetness. A rich-bodied blend from Rwanda has a bright apple and lemon acidity and sugar cane finish, and a Kenyan coffee offers cherry and blackcurrant flavours with lots of syrupy sweetness. To complete the range, a Guatemalan Freehand blend, available as both espresso and filter coffee, offers soft blueberry and floral notes.

Freehand is supplied in eye-catching monochrome packaging and is one of the first blends to be launched by Miko UK since opening a purpose-built in house roastery in Cornwall last autumn.

“Having our own roastery gives us complete control of the development cycle,” explains Adrian Stagg, managing director Miko UK. “We manage every stage of the production process and key elements such as weight, colour, moisture, leakage, aroma, extraction time and grinding size can be checked meticulously to ensure Freehand coffee maintains a consistent in cup experience for drinkers.”