While more home cooks experiment with spice for
quick and easy flavour hits*, the UK’s number one pepper brand PEPPADEW ® is
launching three delicious new antipasti products to effortlessly dial up any dish.
PEPPADEW ® ‘s Spicy Chipotle Crunch, Spicy Onion Crunch and Sweet Jalapeño
Peppers – Mild Halves (RRP £2.50 each) help any home cook effortlessly
experiment with sweet and spicy flavours in seconds. A fun finishing touch, they add
a pop of colour and heat to breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners and snacks.
For a bold, flavourful taste and deep red colour, just add The Spicy Chipotle Crunch
to hummus, noodle dishes, pizzas, pastas and much more.
For spice, crispiness and a tangy kick, try the Spicy Onion Crunch on anything from
burgers and bruschetta to sandwiches and salads.
And bringing a bold flavour to all kinds of sandwiches and snacks (like sensational
bacon-wrapped jalapeño halves), the Sweet Jalapeño Peppers – Mild Halves (hand
cut and pickled in PEPPADEW ® ’s signature brine) add a sweet flavour and a mild
Packing a punch in every jar, these versatile all-rounders are competitively priced,
have a long shelf life and only a small amount is needed. So, it’s easy to play around
with weekly staples on a budget or invent colourful new creations for every season.
Home cooks can also get creative with other products in the range – including
PEPPADEW ® ’s Sweet Peppadrops, Sweet Piquanté Peppers Whole (Mild and Hot),
Red Roasted Peppers, and Yellow Piquanté Peppers. For more inspiration and
recipes using the full range, visit: https://www.peppadew.co.uk/recipes/

*Waitrose Food & Drink Report 2023-24