When wrapping confectionary items display packaging is key. The most important thing is to ensure that the product looks good on the shelf so wrapping in high clarity polyolefin display shrink film provides outstanding presentation and total flexibility with equipment as size changeovers are quick, easy and change part free compared to other types of display packaging such as over wrapping.
Overwrapping is a method of packaging which produces an envelope-fold at each end of the packs. The benefit of overwrapping is that it is a very fast method, however the disadvantages are that the overwrapping machinery requires very expensive change parts.
Another method of packaging for the confectionary market is shrink wrapping. This offers more flexibility to the manufacturer as there are no change parts required for the machinery. Confectionary producers wrap multiple box sizes so not having change parts is a major advantage for them, making the wrapping process much easier. The machine operators can run all of the different box sizes through the machine without having to alter parts. This also saves costs on not only the parts themselves but also down-time from changeovers.
On this basis, Yorkshire Packaging Systems have supplied the confectionary industry with their Fully Automatic L sealer time and time again, to a number of different chocolate and sweet manufacturers, for shrink wrapping a variety of different specifications of confectionary boxes. Indeed we have supplied a number of installations such as Cadburys and Thorntons.
Indeed Bollore, the leading film manufacturer for whom YPS are the sole UK distributor, produce a specialist film in their range developed originally for Lindt chocolate in Switzerland. This “chocolate box” film is of fantastic quality and is ideal for the confectionary industry. This demonstrates just how capable YPS are at not only supplying specialist machinery for this industry but also expert consumables in the form of shrink film.

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