ABSOLUT, the UK’s number one premium vodka brand[1], continues to lead the way in innovation and creativity with the launch of NEW Drinkspiration – a category-defining free iPhone app that provides personalised drink recommendations and fresh cocktail ideas, just like a favourite bartender.

Specially designed with the new iPhone5 in mind, the NEW Drinkspiration app learns a user’s taste over time and guides people through all areas of their flavour palate – serving up instant drink recommendations based on the user’s own personal taste.

The launch of NEW Drinkspiration follows the success of the first ABSOLUT Drinkspiration app in the summer of 2009 and comes with a range of updates. These include the addition of several hundred new cocktail recipes, both contemporary and classic, how-to instruction videos and video clips that enable users to stay ahead of the latest trends. Spirit fans will never find themselves short of taste inspiration, with the ever-growing list of Drinkspiration recipes including vodka, rum, gin, brandy, whisky and tequila, as well as non-alcoholic options.

The NEW Drinkspiration app isn’t just for users at home – it also comes with a feature to make the text larger for bartenders to read easily while serving at the bar. The addition of the ‘Collection’ feature also allows users to keep track of their favourite drinks, save lists for special events and browse pre-installed collections from ABSOLUT.

The social ‘I’ll Have One’ feature, familiar to users of the original app, has been redesigned to support friends and locations so people can share their app experience with the world. Users can also check into bars, post to social media outlets and see what drinks are trending around the world in real time.

Adam Boita, Marketing Manager at Pernod Ricard UK, believes that the launch of the new app brings the theatre of mixology to life for consumers and showcases the versatility of the ABSOLUT vodka range.

“The launch of NEW Drinkspiration app demonstrates ABSOLUT’s on-going commitment to innovation – across product, marketing and consumer experience. Building on cocktail trends from around the world, the app is like having a world-class bartender in your pocket, providing personalised drink recommendations and new cocktail recipes,” states Boita.

The NEW Drinkspiration app is available for the iPhone in the iTunes App Store now.

NEW Drinkspiration Online:

· Direct link to NEW Drinkspiration app download via iTunes store: Direct iTunes Link

· NEW Drinkspiration promotional video: Watch Here

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