Spirax Sarco has introduced guaranteed delivery for its Spira-trol™ modular control valves. Actual delivery times since the service’s launch are proving to be much shorter, with over 90% of valves reaching their destination within 24 hours of ordering.

Spira-trol valves leave the Spirax Sarco factory pre-commissioned for applications, enabling quick ‘plug and play’ installation.

With over 2,500 permutations available and delivered within 48 hours, it is possible to match almost any system’s needs and bring it back into service as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown.

Spira-trol’s modular design with quick-change ‘clamp-in-place’ seat means its duty can be altered to match changing plant conditions, rather than the entire valve being replaced. The self-aligning ‘clamp-in-place’ seat also simplifies maintenance and achieves considerable cost savings.

Both electrically and pneumatically actuated Spira-trol valves from DN15-100 up to PN40 rating are available on 48-hour lead times. With the complete Spira-trol range extending up to DN300 and ANSI 600 pressure envelope, Spirax Sarco can offer control solutions from HVAC, through process and power, to severe service applications.

For more information about Spira-trol™ modular control valves email [email protected] or visit www.spiraxsarco.com/uk.

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