The British have always been savvy consumers of Italian food and wine. In fact, the UK is the second biggest European importer of Italian wines, but it hasn’t always been easy to get access to Italy’s top quality products.

Finally, there is a company straight from the heart of Italy that is leading the field of online promotion of Italy’s vast array of premium wines directly to the UK.

DesignWine ( is a fresh, young company that, after redefining online wine sales in Italy, is ready to embrace the UK’s enthusiasm for Italian fine wines. The company’s mission is to open the window to the amazing world of Italian producers who are still local gems and reveal them to UK wine lovers. Fact is, over 60% of the wines so loved in Italy, and offered on DesignWine, aren’t readily available in the British consumers…yet!

DesignWine has an every changing collection of over 100 premium Italian wines and vineyards, the result of endless footwork by DesignWine staff and consultants, but one of the distinct features is the presentation of their exclusive wine ‘Selections’ –  6 bottle collections that tell a story about a wine region, a grape varietal or a unique theme. Coming in all price ranges, Selections are updated with new wines weekly and feature celebrated greats from Tuscany and Piedmont, as well as, Italy’s hidden gems from the islands in the south to the mountains in the north and all corners of the peninsula. DesignWine is the only online wine distributor to allow you to buy 3 or 6 bottles at a time (most insist that you buy 12) making them ideal for gifting and for those who want to try a certain wine before ordering in large quantity. Having made your order the wines arrive free of charge directly from the state-of-the-art storage to the UK consumer’s door in two days.

The ultra-secure, user-friendly website uses innovative searches and online sommelier support to guide through the numerous wine regions and types, grape varietals and prices to find the perfect wine for each customer – a specific detail which most online wine distribution companies are missing.

It prompts you with questions about what food you eat with your wine, what flavours you enjoy as well as what body and then sends you suggestions for a selection of wine best suited to your tastes and needs. Essentially, the site is perfect for both wine connoisseurs and those who don’t know much about wine as it helps you through the whole process and allows you to pick the perfect wine for you or someone you want to gift using a personalised questionnaire.

DesignWines’s inspiration is the passion, craftsmanship and pride that reverberate throughout the Italian wine world. Today, DesignWine is expanding into the UK but this is only the beginning of an international role out planned for 2011 and 2012, including Germany, China and the US. Browse to appreciate the love poured into making a great glass of wine.

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