MJS Packaging Service is an international supplier of packaging machinery. We are based in the UK and have been suppliers of packaging machinery, for many years, to countries throughout the world.

More recently we have been associated with Mentpack who are gradually becoming one of the most prominent suppliers of packaging machines in Europe and the Middle East. They are based in Istanbul, Turkey and have excellent machine build facilities.

Our range of packing machinery is extensive. The range includes VFFS machines, sachet machines, stick pack machines and wet wipe machine as well as the ancillary equipment for each of these machine types. Mentpack not only produce excellent quality packaging machines but also take on bespoke design and build projects very successfully.

The complete range of machines can be seen at http://www.mjspack.co.uk and are suitable for packing liquids, creams, powders or granules. There are several models of each machine type available varying in size to suit all budgets. Multi lane sachet and stick pack machines can be up to 10 lanes if required, depending on size of pack. Some of the models are entry level which is ideal for start up companies or companies with a small budget as the prices are very realistic.