JBT FoodTech has added an infrared system to its integrated range of multi-phase in-line cooking options. The system is designed to efficiently seal the product, locking in the juices and making it more succulent.

The multi-phase cooking system can enable any combination of processes to produce exactly the required taste, texture, colour and appearance. The infrared now allows manufacturers to seal, cook, sear and then freeze marinated or flame-grilled products exactly to requirements, enabling unlimited options for new product development. It also ensures there is no wastage of the marinade which is often very costly.

The system is also energy-efficient and because the product has already been treated with infrared it requires less time in the oven. JBT FoodTech has demonstrated significant yield improvements on 25mm marinated diced chicken.

Following cooking, additional colour and flavour can then be added by searing or flame-grilling the product on the Double D Searer/Grill-Marker.

The infrared system is an option on the company’s Double D Revoband Continuous Protein Oven, which can then be integrated with other JBT FoodTech product lines to form a complete in-line process.

These include the Double D Searer/Grill-Marker, Stein coating equipment, DSI slicing and portioning systems and the Frigoscandia range of GYRoCOMPACT® spiral freezers.