In 12 months, FANUC has experienced a 35% rise in food manufacturers enquiring about automation of food handling and packing operations. This growth has inspired their latest development; a food picker cell combining two food grade robots, the latest vision technology and in-built energy reduction technology, cutting power consumption by an average of 20%.

Designed to orientate and pack a wide variety of unpackaged and packaged foods and accommodating quick product and pack changes, the cell incorporates a ceiling mounted four axis M3iA/6s delta style loading robot. To aid queue management, a single iRVision camera can visually track the line and direct up to four robots. Distributing equal volumes of incoming product to each robot and programming specific packing volumes is also easier with FANUC’s new iRPickTool software.

Capable of 120 picks per minute, the M3iA/6s robot has a 6kg payload and can withstand tough cleaning regimes helping food processors maintain IP67 certified hygiene standards.

The M430iA/2P articulated arm (at the other end of the cell) has many handling capabilities, for example removing product like baked good from trays, and placing them back onto the conveyor. For workspace flexibility, the six-axis arm can be mounted on the floor, wall or invert.

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