Smith Flow Control’s IML lock is a safety device that prevents injury or product loss in the food and beverage processing industries. Specifically designed to replace an actuator mounting kit, it locks the actuator in a desired position, both remotely and locally.

Under normal conditions in the food and beverage industries, actuated valves respond to process commands in a largely automated, predetermined way. During planned maintenance or clean-in-place, however, the system managing the valves may still need to be live while work is carried out. It may therefore be necessary that a valve is deliberately held, so even if a remote signal requests the valve to change position, it will remain in a locked condition to enable work to be done safely.

The IML Lock covers F05 to F16 ISO 5211 actuator mounting dimensions and can be operated up to a maximum torque of 1500Nm.

About Smith Flow Control

Smith Flow Control is a British company specialising in mechanical valve control equipment. This includes procedural control using mechanical valve interlocks and activity management systems, EasiDrive portable valve actuators, FlexiDrive mechanical valve linkage systems for remote and/or simultaneous valve operation and TorkDrive, torque limiting device for the effective operation of valves.

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