The Ainsley Harriott brand is to expand its range with the market’s first soup product to be stored at ambient temperature and packaged in a tub design.

A unique packaging solution from Clondalkin Group company Chadwicks means this brand first from Symington’s will have the premium look of fresh soup with a shelf life of up to 12 months.

Chadwicks’ technical team created a UV flexo foil recessed lid which enables the soup pots to be filled at high temperatures. The double recessed lid allows for contraction during the cooling process.

Craig Roach, Head of Bought in Goods at Symington’s explained: “During the development phase panelling on the pots was a key challenge. We have to fill at extremely high temperatures and as the product cooled and contracted it created a vacuum and caused the pots to distort.

“Chadwicks are valued in the industry for their customer service and technical expertise and so we turned to them to leverage their knowledge of this pack format. They immediately identified the issue and were able to provide a solution. Chadwicks’ ‘Top Hat’ lid creates an air space allowing for ‘pull down’ during the cooling process so the lid contracts and not the container.

Chadwicks is a key supplier of flexible packaging solutions in the food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

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