The FoodLab range of analysers from QCL provide accurate testing of a wide range of quality, oxidation and stability parameters. Rapid and easy to use, they can perform tests on a variety of food products, providing results that are compliant with reference methods.

The FoodLab range offers over 30 tests including peroxide value, free fatty acids, p-anisidine value, lactic acid, lactose, ammonia, chloride, peroxidase, butyric acid and cholesterol. Tests that would normally require complex analysis or external testing can now be performed in the production environment, with low toxicity reagents in pre-filled cuvettes, on analysers that require no calibration or maintenance.

Alongside the standard FoodLab model the range includes specialised analysers for edible oils, vegetable oils and palm oil. The range also includes the WineLab which can provide a complete multi-parameter analytical profile of a wine in 10 minutes. Results are displayed via a built in printer or the analyser can be connected to a computer or a LIMS system.

Based on photometric technology, FoodLab analysers are used in the food industry in many countries worldwide, in dairy farms, oil mills, eggs factories, wineries and laboratories.

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