For the first time ever at FOODEX 2014, DEMO Protezioni Antiurto Srl will exhibit STOMMPY ® – a revolutionary proven patented shockproof bumper system designed to protect doors, walls, machinery and storage equipment in the workplace and more importantly, safeguards the health and safety of workers. Working with its newly appointed distributor Raxel Storage Systems, the UK launch will offer a wide range of STOMMPY ® products that will certainly provide protective workplace and hygienic solutions, designed to meet the needs of industrial and commercial business sectors.

STOMMPY® Shockproof products bend but never break! Their key feature is the technical polymer Tecklene ® from which they are manufactured. Tecklene ® introduces the ability of controlled elasticity in the shockproof protection systems, which increases the mechanical shock resistance to levels greater than your standard hollow style shock proof barrier systems . This unique product material has many benefits including the elimination of rust, is shatterproof and certified for use in food processing environments and pharmaceutical-hospital.

A new patented system of fast anchorage to the floor also increases the resistance of the shockproof systems by up to 40% (when compared to a traditional system) and ensures the integrity of the floor itself even in situations when significant levels of impact energy are used.

STOMMPY® Hygiene provides the ultimate solution for protecting, restoration and cladding of walls and ceilings, floor and half-height shockproof bumpers, as well as rounded sanitary profiles for an exceptional sealing area between the floor and the wall.

STOMMPY® Urban line is designed specifically for location in loading yards, traffic areas and road access, signaling possible dangers in industrial areas and ensuring a level of visibility and impact resistance that are exceptionally high.

STOMMPY ® is the only bumper protection system that can boast two awards for “Best technical innovation”, won in 2007 and 2012 from two different Evaluation boards in two different European countries.

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