The Pally, from the transit packaging innovator, Loadhog, is ‘raising eyebrows’ within the food retail market by bridging the gap between retailers’ need for a wheeled ‘dolly-like’ solution and suppliers’ for a stable pallet.

Setting new standards for efficient movement and product handling in businesses across the UK, Europe and North America, the Pally is a robust plastic pallet, handleable with any form of materials’ handling equipment, rackable, stackable and invaluable alongside high speed automated production lines.

Loadhog and the Pally have now ventured further afield, picking up new business in the Middle East, Asia and recently South Africa, with the Pally being used for a variety of application within the food retail industry.

Unlike any other pallet, one foot press on a pedal at either end of the 800x600mm unit transforms the Pally into a fully mobile, wheeled dolly – allowing instant mobility on demand, with a rating of up to 500kg. Another pedal press returns the Pally to a pallet, lifting the wheels clear of the floor, transferring all the weight onto the pallet bearers – creating a stable, secure unit for stacking, picking and transit.

Loadhog’s brand new product, the Pally Pac Container, can be used in similar ways to the Pally. With the same mechanism and benefits it brings to the food retail industry, the Pally Pac Container, or shipper as these kinds of containers are known, has four collapsible drop down sides.

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