POM Wonderful, the 100% Californian pomegranate juice, is set to hit UK television screens during March and April, with a £1.2 million advertising campaign.

The campaign will feature on both terrestrial and digital channels over a four week period commencing on March 25, 2013.

The creative concept will focus on the fact that POM Wonderful 100% juice contains six fresh pomegranates and nothing else, no added sugar, flavours or colours. The Wonderful pomegranate variety used is grown, harvested and processed by POM Wonderful.  No other pomegranate juice has complete ownership and control over this tree to bottle process.

“POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice is currently the 8th best-selling brand in the total chilled multiserve juice category, and UK sales continue to rise with 24% growth in 2012,” says POM Wonderful brand manager Charlotte D’Hoogh.  “Distribution keeps increasing and new flavours are being introduced. We believe that high-quality juice will continue to be a priority for consumers, along with high added-value products that are healthy.”

“We are confident that the impact of our television advertising campaign will see sales increase even further.”

For more information about POM Wonderful please contact Charlotte D’Hoogh on 00 32 2 719 04 61…

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