Automated packing and palletising systems specialist Brillopak has introduced a versatile new robotic palletiser specifically designed for fresh fruit and vegetables. The new Brillopak Compact C211 is capable of placing a variety of container formats including crates, cases and trays on to pallets.

Developed following extensive research by Brillopak into the issues surrounding fresh produce packaging, in particular the challenges of supplying the retail sector, the Compact C211 has been designed specifically to help with operational and health and safety challenges common in fruit and vegetable packing, still largely a manual process.

The Compact C211 fits easily into even the smallest of factory spaces and can integrate with other packing equipment to provide a complete line solution. The machine can palletise crates and cases at the rate of up to 30 per minute and Brillopak says the system delivers a typical payback within two years.

“The Compact C211 satisfies the main requirements for fruit and vegetable end of line packing in terms of speed, efficiency and user-friendliness and provides the flexibility to enable companies to respond to changing retailer requirements,” explains Brillopak director David Jahn.

Additional machines in the COMPACT C range include the Brillopak C1 11 crate packer, C250 crate de-stacker, BK750 pallet stacker/de-stacker, crate bale arm closing unit, vision systems and Ethernet connection for remote access and support.

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