Case coding just got easier than ever thanks to Linx Printing Technologies, with the launch of a new thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer that ensures the first print is as good as the last.

The Linx TJ725 incorporates Simply Smart Technology® to offer a high resolution, digital solution for coding on to outer cases, boxes, shelf-ready trays and packaging. Simple to fit, the Linx TJ725 has an innovative new Active Cartridge Care System®, which saves money and cuts waste by slowing the nozzle drying process, making first prints more reliable every time. It can also sense how much ink is left and forecast the number of prints remaining, so operators can plan to keep lines running without interruption.

Key to the Linx TJ725’s efficiency is its replaceable ink cartridge with integral printhead, as there is no risk of expensive printhead repairs or replacement. It can print messages up to a height of 12.5mm, with a range of fonts and resolutions up to 300dpi, on line speeds of up to 1 metre/sec.

Jason Remnant, Linx Product Manager, says: “We are confident in offering the easiest to use TIJ case coding solution in the market place. We have had overwhelmingly positive reactions from our external test sites on all aspects of the product.”

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