The difficulties in opening different types of packs are of far greater concern to most consumers than environmental criticisms such as perceived over-packaging.

This is one of the findings of a major quantitative research study carried out on behalf of packaging specialist Payne. Of the 523 people who took part through online interviews, 85% said they had experienced some frustration with packs. The research identifies the 10 types of packaging most likely to cause frustration, and also examines attitudes among different age groups.

The full results were revealed at the EU Packaging Summit in Berlin in January, where Payne’s managing director Martin Dallas unveiled its new market positioning, Packaging Resolved, which focuses on the company’s ability to provide solutions in four key areas that deliver effective packaging – opening, closing, informing and protecting.

Payne says its Packaging Resolved approach will also help to strengthen a brand’s relationship with its consumers. “When packaging works, it makes people feel good about the product; conversely, a poor pack can have a deeply negative effect on their perception of the brand,” says Martin Dallas.

The company is shortly to launch its own Packaging Resolved Facebook page, which will encourage consumers to provide feedback.

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