Hygiene Group, the specialist contract cleaning services provider, has launched an informative white paper evaluating the latest methods in cleaning food and drink manufacturing facilities and exploring the most appropriate techniques to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Entitled The Art of Innovative Cleaning and authored by Hygiene’s managing director Steve Bailey, the white paper examines sequential, cluster and event cleaning, looking at when each should be used to maximise value for money and minimise disruption.

Steve Bailey explains: “Cleaning a food manufacturing facility may, at the outset, sound like a fairly straightforward process.  Cleaning is, after all, a science.

“However, in planning a cleaning programme, particular machinery or types of soil must be carefully matched with the correct cleaning methodology and materials, as this can have a significant impact on the quality, speed, and cost of cleaning. Additionally, the delivery of cleaning must be managed effectively.

“Finding the most straightforward and suitable programme for the manufacturing facility can deliver increased efficiencies and uncovering cost saving opportunities, without compromising on eliminating contaminants and adhering to food safety standards.”

Available as a free download from the Hygiene website, the white paper also considers how the method of cleaning impacts on staff management and risk assessments, and reveals the time and cost savings achievable through correct method selection.

Hygiene Group’s customer list includes top UK companies such as United Biscuits and Morrisons. For more information on its services, please visit www.hygiene.co.uk.