Ridgeview Wines, a UK based family-run wine producer, has invested in an Endoline case forming solution to automate a labour intensive packing operation and increase output to 250,000 bottles pa.

Stockists to several leading retailers, including Waitrose and M&S, Ridgeview Wines produce their award-winning English Sparkling Wine at their 100 acre Sussex vineyard. However, manually forming, packing and sealing cases was an inefficient part of its production process. “We needed to increase output – using skilled winemaking staff to perform this task is not only a waste of resource but it adds no value to the product so we decided to automate the process,” explains Tamara Roberts, General Manager of Ridgeview Wines.

Operators would form the wine case, staple the bottom and load bottles – a laborious task which required extra staff during peak periods. Endoline installed a bespoke case former, engineered with an incline to enable packers to use both hands when filling the case, plus a conveyor with labeller and case sealer. “Endoline’s machinery has simplified a previously complex and labour intensive task. Our team have found the system extremely easy to use and fewer people are needed to operate the line resulting in more efficient packing with significant savings.”

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